2012 ZUNDAF Annual Review Report Released

The 2012 ZUNDAF Annual Review Report assesses the contributions of the 2012-2015 Zimbabwe United Nations Development Assistance Framework (ZUNDAF) to the national development priorities articulated under the Medium Term Plan (MTP) 2011-2015.

Specifically the Annual Review Report shows progress of ZUNDAF thematic programmes against established indicators earmarked for implementation in 2012. The review report also highlights key challenges and considerations in policy, strategy and programming for 2013.

The findings of the review were endorsed by senior level delegates representing Government, United Nations, International Development Agencies, as well as Civil Society Organisations during a high level meeting held end of 2012.

The 2012-2015 ZUNDAF is the UN’s strategic programme framework to support Zimbabwe’s national development priorities as well as the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015.

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