First 2012 - 2015 ZUNDAF High Level Annual Review Concluded

The first cycle of 2012-2015 ZUNDAF high level annual review meeting was held on 29 November in Harare with the main objective of assessing the contribution of the ZUNDAF to the seven national development priorities in support of the national Medium Term Plan (MTP) 2011-2015.

The review meeting co-hosted by the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, Mr. Alain Noudehou and Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Dr. Ray Ndhlukula was attended by some 90 participants representing Government; United Nations; Donor and Heads of International Development Agencies as well as Civil Society Organisations.

During the half-day review meeting, participants reviewed, discussed and endorsed the Six ZUNDAF Thematic Group progress reports for 2012. The review also identified lessons learned in policy, strategy and programming for 2013.

In his opening remarks as co-host of the high level review meeting, the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, Mr. Alain Noudehou said, “The ZUNDAF 2012-2015 signifies the UN’s role and collective contribution to the Medium Term Plan, 2011-2015.” He further noted that the ZUNDAF recognizes the advances made by the country, in economic growth and in some areas of development, and focuses across the themes and sectors where challenges remain, and where there are recognized lags or a possible reversal of gains made.

The ZUNDAF, designed to respond to the evolving national context, incorporates principles of recovery and development with stronger linkages with other complementary programming, coordination and funding tools, such as humanitarian appeals.

The co-host of the review meeting from the Government, the Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Dr. Ray Ndhlukula said, “ZUNDAF high level review is a policy oriented meeting and offers us an opportunity not only to discuss technical programmatic issues but also to touch on policy matters that relate to the implementation of the ZUNDAF.”

At the end of the review, participants noted the ZUNDAF has effective tools and systems that monitor progress, enhance coordination and resource mobilization, and called for:  establishing a fully functional and nationally led aid and development results coordination; streamline UN Agency reviews by capitalising on ZUNDAF reviews to reduce transactions and enhance coherence; and strengthening disaggregated data collection and dissemination.

2012-2015 ZUNDAF areas of focus include sustainable and pro-poor economic growth; basic social services for all; good governance for sustainable development; food security and agriculture; environmental sustainability and management of natural resources, HIV & AIDS prevention, treatment and support; and gender equality and equity.

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