Model UN: Pupils Debate on Environmental Sustainability

Click to view photos from the event.The Model UN in Zimbabwe was held on 13 July 2012 at Cranborne Boys High School under the theme “Ensuring Environmental Sustainability: Progress on Adapting Climate Change”. During the event 45 pupils from 29 Harare-based high schools put the issue of ensuring environmental sustainability under scrutiny.

The platform organized imitating the UN General Assembly set-up gave participating pupils who were acting as UN delegates and the audience an opportunity to discuss the progress or lack thereof in adapting to climate change and ensuring environmental sustainability, MDG 7. Countries represented in the debate included China, South Africa, USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Mr Mundonga, Deputy Director (Natural Resources) in the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Management officiated and officially opened the debate.

The Model UN was organized by the United Nations Communications Group in partnership with the Zimbabwe United Nations association (ZUNA).