National Food and Nutrition Security Policy Launched

The National Food and Nutrition Security Policy was launched in Harare on 16 May, 2013.

The Policy aims to ensure adequate food and nutrition security in Zimbabwe for all people at all times.

“In Zimbabwe, the nutrition situation is of concern to the Government as one out of every three children is chronically malnourished. 25% of all deaths of children under the age of five are attributed to nutritional deficiencies and 47% of women are anemic,” said His Excellency the President, Mr. Robert Mugabe, at the launch, attended by over 500 people.

To address the food insecurity and malnutrition in the country, the President said, “The Government will continue to take measures that empower farmers, especially small-holder farmers and women so that they access cheap finance, knowledge on climate and the environment, smart farming systems, infrastructure, and farm machinery.”
Improved nutrition contributes to sustainable and equitable growth, which in turn leads to poverty reduction.

Good nutrition also significantly decreases maternal and child deaths, enhances gender equality, and improves the efficacy of treatment for conditions such as HIV and AIDS.

In a message of support from the UN Country Team, UNICEF Representative, Dr. Gianfranco Rotigliana, noted, “Today, we are here to bear testimony to all the hard work that has been put into formulating this policy…and it is our sincere hope that this launch marks the beginning of a concerted effort to address food and nutrition challenges in Zimbabwe in a robust, coordinated, and multi-sectoral manner.”

In her remarks, Vice-President Mujuru, who is also the Chairperson of the National Task Force for Food and Nutrition Security said, “This policy commits Government to the implementation of sustainable programmes to address the food and nutrition security situation of the country.”

Messages of support to the national food and nutrition security policy were also given by the Ministry of Agriculture and Mechanization, Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, the private sector, and academia.

The launch event was captioned with exhibition by organizations affiliated to food security and nutrition programmes as well as by farmers sharing important information and displaying their produce, respectively.