Resident Coordinator Lectures on the Role of the UN at Diplomacy School

Students of Zimbabwe’s Institute of Diplomacy benefited from a lively exchange with the United Nations Resident Coordinator, Alain Noudehou, who presented a guest lecture on The Role, Structure, and Functions of the United Nations at the Institute’s campus in the capital, Harare on 30 November, 2011.

Click to view photos from the event.The presentation was given as a part of the institute’s Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy and International Relations in a course on international organizations.

During the event, the RC described the global context of the United Nations, outlining the historical overview, purposes and principles, and structure and global presence of the UN.  The RC also elaborated on the national context of the United Nations in Zimbabwe, explaining the history, structure, and role of the UN in Zimbabwe, some key achievements for ZUNDAF 2007-2011, and priorities for ZUNDAF 2012-2014.

The RC inspired the students with concrete examples of how the United Nations is critical to maintaining international peace and security, with the lecture concluding with a stimulating session of questions and discussions.

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