Statement: UN Resident Coordinator

On 6 February 2013, in a letter to the UN Resident Coordinator, the Government of Zimbabwe made an official request to the UN for assistance in mobilizing resources for the upcoming constitutional referendum and general elections.

As per the UN Guidelines on Electoral Support, the request was transmitted to the UN Focal Point on Electoral Assistance at the UN Headquarters. The UN Focal Point  reviewed the request and responded in a letter sent to Government on 11 February 2013. The UN Focal Point has commended the Government for the progress made on the constitution making process and advised that a UN needs assessment mission would need to be dispatched to assess how the UN can best support.

The UN has since provided the needs assessment mission's terms of reference for the Government’s review. Given the short time remaining before the referendum, the needs assessment mission will confine itself to possible UN assistance to Harmonised Elections.

Resource mobilisation efforts would therefore be guided by the outcome of the needs assessment.