Third Wednesday @ UNIC Highlights Peace and Sustainable Development

The third Wednesday @ UNIC public discussion forum took place on 26 September featuring Prof. Luc Rukingama, UNESCO Director and Representative for Harare Cluster on “Peace and Sustainable Development”.

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, held in Rio de Janeiro in June this year, reaffirmed the vision that: “Lasting peace and sustainable development are two sides of the same coin. Development is not sustainable if societies are not at peace with themselves, their neighbours, and in balance with the planet.”

The third Wednesday @ UNIC was dedicated to “Peace and Sustainable Development” to build on the momentum following the commemoration of the International Day of Peace on 21 September 2012.

In his presentation, Prof. Rukingama said, “Peace must start with the dignity of every man and woman, nurtured through their rights and the fulfilment of their aspirations.” He further noted that peace and sustainable development can be achieved by adopting a breakthrough strategy to ensure access to quality education for all, especially girls and women, and by concerted efforts to harness the power of science for the benefit of all societies.

In addition, Prof. Rukingama underlined that UNESCO together with the UN family promotes creativity and innovation that comes from cultural diversity and shared heritage.  He underlined that this can be achieved through advancing the right of every man and woman to speak out and be heard, promoting dialogue between civilizations and cross-cultural understanding and focusing on long-term social development initiatives in line with sound management of the environment.

66 participants from Government Ministries, United Nations, and Development Agencies, Civil Society Organizations, NGOs and members of the press participated during the discussion.

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