UN Launches Lecture Series on Sustainable Development Goals


The UN in Zimbabwe in collaboration with the Zimbabwe United Nations Association (ZUNA) launched a Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Lecture Series at Bindura University of Science Education.  

Addressing 300 students and faculty on SDG 4, Ms. Yvette Kabazo, UNESCO Culture Programme Specialist said, “The 2030 Vision is your vision, conceived from the desire to live in a world free from fear and want, and shared amongst the countries and peoples of the world.”  In her lecture, Ms. Kabazo highlighted that the 17 SDGs are interlinked and reinforce each other, and SDG 4 which focuses on quality education is crucial for progress across all other goals.

Noting that UNESCO’s continued role to lead and coordinate the Education 2030 Agenda, Ms. Kabazo said, “UNESCO is working with the Government of Zimbabwe on a National Consultation to set-up implementation modalities for the achievement of SDG4.”

At the SDGs Lecture Series, the Dean of Students, Mr. R. Makado said, “We are privileged to host the first in this series of lectures and we will champion the SDGs through engaging our vibrant students who will meet the challenges set out in the 2030 Agenda”

Students who participated in the event represented a wide cross-section of Bindura University and offered both constructive debate and the desire to contribute meaningfully to the achievement of SDG 4.  “We are the focus of this lecture and the drivers of the SDGs,” ZUNA Student Representative, Mr. T. Mudzingwa told his fellow students. 

The series aims to raise awareness and encourage active engagement among higher learning institutions and the student community on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 SDGs.  The SDGs Lecture Series brings senior UN officials to speak on particular SDGs relevant to the academic endeavours of the host Universities.