UN Secretary General Pays Homage to Mandela

UN Secretary General Ban Ki- moon paid homage today to the late South African president Nelson Mandela, saying “He was more than one of the greatest leaders of our time. He was one of the greatest teachers.  And he taught by example.”

The UN Chief said that Mandela had sacrificed so much and was willing to give up everything -- for freedom and equality, for democracy and justice.

The world is mourning the loss of Nelson Mandela. “He was the giant of justice, equality and human rights”, Ban said.

Ban hailed Mandela's approach to peace and reconciliation as a model in the world to stop armed conflicts and create peace, expressing appreciation of Mandela's hard work to create a better world.

The Secretary General Ban toured the Nelson Mandela Center of Memory, which shows Mandela’s life and prison records. The Center's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sello Hating, thanked the United Nations and Ban Ki-moon for his leadership in establishing the International Mandela Day, which is commemorated globally on July 18 each year.

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