US$268 Million Required to Address Humanitarian Needs in 2012

On 9 December 2011 the UN and aid agencies appealed for US$268 million to help feed 1.5 million people in Zimbabwe in 2012, as well as to address other urgent humanitarian needs.

Click to view photos from the event.The UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, Alain Noudehou said, “The humanitarian situation has improved over the past couple of years. However challenges still exists such as food insecurity affecting a million people, waterborne disease outbreaks in parts of the country and mass deportations of thousands of Zimbabweans from neighbouring countries.”

More than one in ten Zimbabweans will need food assistance in the first half of the year, and one million children under-five are at risk of malnutrition, according to the Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP) launched in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare.

A third of rural Zimbabweans lack access to safe drinking water, and face the threat of water-borne disease such as cholera and typhoid, the appeal adds.

The majority of the funding will be used for food aid, as well as helping people get better access to hygiene and sanitation. It will also help people displaced by natural disasters and years of economic hardship, and refugees fleeing conflicts and droughts in the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa.

More information on the Zimbabwe Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP)