A Vibrant Media an Expression of a Vibrant Democracy

The celebration of the World Press Freedom Day was held on 3 May 2013 under the theme of “Safe to Speak: Securing Freedom of Expression in All Media” at Harare Grounds. The theme addresses key issues of media regulation, media ethics and professionalism.

In his statement to mark World Press Freedom Day, the Minister of Media, Information and Publicity, Hon. Webster Shamu emphasized the importance of press freedom as a vehicle for citizen engagement in a democracy. The recently adopted new Constitution provides for freedom of expression, freedom of the media and access to Information as fundamental rights, added the Minister.

“Zimbabweans must be able to freely express themselves in the media of their choice and in the media they are confident to accurately express their views, ventilate their interests and protect those interests. A vibrant media is thus an expression of a vibrant sovereign democracy,” he noted.

At the occasion, the UNESCO Director, Prof. Luc Rukingama, said, “The new Zimbabwe Constitution provides enough room for the advancement of freedom of expression, press freedom and access to information. The essential legal framework reflects the vision of the Government and People of Zimbabwe. The UN shares that vision”.

Prof. Rukingama underlined that freedom of expression is central to the transformation into a new global era of peace and humanism, and to create more inclusive, just, and equitable societies.

A representative from Zimbabwe Union of Journalists, Mr. Chideme called on fellow journalists to remain professional and protect their interests by working together.

The celebration was attended by representatives from the Government, the UN, the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists, the School of Journalism and Media Studies, and members of the general public.